Refugees welcome

Wake up world

You are cordially invited to view our site, to join and support us and to participate in the Repair Café ON TOUR project with the aim to prolong the life of many things.

Repair cafés have meanwhile become rather popular as a part of a –Do-it-your-self and do-it-together movement, also in Wiesbaden. Purpose of those non-commercial repair initiatives is to repair autonomously, as far as possible, every-day items under professional guidance, following the example of –Repair Café Wiesbaden Westend– which has been run in the Café Anderswo since 2013. Of importance are – apart from expert knowledge, soldering iron and curiosity – also social interaction and communication with coffee and cake.

Repair Café ON TOUR will now start on the basis of many good experiences gained there in order to become active for and together with refugees in Wiesbaden. The idea of our project is furthermore to share skills, preserve articles of daily use, make contacts, learn from each other and live together in Wiesbaden. We would like to figure out jointly and in cooperation how it will be possible to establish a connection between already existing empowerment, intercultural encounter, environment protection, care for resources and material benefit.

At this stage, this is new, exciting and pleasant and will create fun and friends.
We are very much looking forward to this.

Your team of Repair Café ON TOUR

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